Bold Posts FAQ

Can I install A bold post by myself?

Absolutely! A Bold Post takes only a few minutes to install, it's light weight and easy to handle, making it possible for all users to build their own fence.

How does it compare to the traditional method of installing a post?

Bold Posts differ from the traditional method in that no on-site concrete mixing is required. A Bold Post comes completely assembled to a wooden post ready to install, which will save you time and money. Learn more…

Won't it be weaker if I don't back fill with concrete?

A Bold Post has a 35Mpa (5000psi) concrete strength which is far more than your typical house foundation. It also uses CSA approved pre-cast concrete, which means it's been manufactured and cured in a CSA approved facility under optimal conditions. This strength could never be achieved in your back yard in an augured hole. Learn more…

Where can I buy Bold Posts?

Bold Posts can be bought at any one of our approved dealers / retailer locations.

How do I get design assistance and budget pricing?

Our approved contractors are trained and selected professionals who specialize in install and designing Bold Posts. Check out our contractors page and get the design assistance you need, with the strength you can trust.

What is the price difference compared to the traditional route?

Bold Posts pricing is right on par with the traditional method (MSRP may very depending on markets pricing)

How do Bold Posts stand up to high winds?

They stand up to anything mother nature can throw at them! Specifically, Bold Posts are professionally engineered and designed for all wind loads in North America. Learn more…

Do I have to assemble the post?

No, a Bold Post comes fully assembled to a 4x4, 4x6 or 6x6 post with any species of lumber up to 8' long. Learn more…

Bold Posts can be purchased through any of our approved dealers.

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Bold Posts can be installed by any of our approved contractors.

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