Green & Sustainable

Bold is an environmentally friendly product using 20% recycled materials. The premium synthetic aggregate is composed almost entirely of recycled consumer waste. This not only makes our product 35% lighter then a tradition concrete mixture, but is also safer to handle.

Our recycled steel is also compliant with the LEED regulations of sustainability. Feel safe knowing Bold Fence Posts System is dedicated to the environment.

A Green Product

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Bold Posts is dedicated to the environment and committed to manufacture, distribute and package re-usable and recycled materials. Each of our Bold Posts contain only materials that have been manufactured with environmental sustainability as a main goal.

A Bold Post precast concrete foundation is made with 20% recycled material. A major component is ReAd, which is composed almost entirely of recycled, non toxic; manufacturing and consumer waste. This premium synthetic aggregate not only makes our product lighter and safer to handle, but it ensures that we are re-using materials to install a permanent fence post foundation.

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The rebar has been made from recycled steel and is compliant with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental design (LEED) regulations of sustainability, which contributes to obtaining our Green Building certification.

The Bold Post manufacturing process leaves zero waste to our landfills. Bold Posts also uses an environmentally friendly packaging to wrap our product which continues to show our commitment to the environment.

The installation of the Bold Post (being precast concrete) also limits additional waste, as no concrete bags or excess water is required. Traditionally the mess of mixing concrete on site creates spillage which contaminates the organics of the surrounding area, Bold Posts eliminates this. The Bold Post construction procedure entails placing the augured dirt back into the hole in the ground which limits excess dirt that has to be hauled away.

Feel safe knowing Bold Fence Post system is dedicated to the environment.

* Bold Posts are patented in Canada and the US.

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