"Simple and Easy"

"We needed a fence for our dogs, and I had never built a fence before. Bold simplifies the process making it literally a few steps. No mixing concrete, no mess all over the backyard, just drop the Bold Post in and back fill."

- Lacy R, Customer

"Saved time and labour"

"I do things right, no short cuts. The Bold Posts saved me labour and concrete set times so I could finish a fence quickly and properly and move onto the next fence in the same day."

- Branden K, Contractor

"A fortress for years to come"

"I wanted to have a beefy fence that would last the many years we plan to be in our house. Building with Bold Posts gave our fence the strength and look we were going for. After the 1 in 100 year storm in Alberta 2013, my trees were up-rooted from the wind but my Bold fence laughed."

- Chris T, Customer

"A product you can depend on"

"A lot of new fencing products involve chemicals, plastics and fillers. We love the look of wood and wanted a wood fence without the set backs of wood in the ground. Bold gave us that and with a 25 year warranty it gave us the re-assurance we needed."

- Brian A, Customer

"Green Products go fast"

"Once a customer sees a Bold Post, they instantly get it and understand how it works. It's a simplified, durable product that sells. The light weight and 20% recycled materials makes Bold a product that we are proud to carry to minimize our impact on the environment"

- Steve M, Integrity Building Products

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