The Bold Post

System Overview

All Bold Post wooden fence posts come pre-assembled to the pre-cast concrete base.

A. Wooden Post

The post is anchored with lag screws up into the post and baseplate at 45 degrees. Multiple species of wood may be used with Bold Posts as well as any standard size. The BP44 (3.5"x3.5"x36" 40lbs) is designed for an up to 8' high 4x4 wooden fence post. While the the BP46 (3.5"x5.5"x36" 45lbs) is designed for an up to 8' high 4x6 and 6x6 wooden fence post.

B. Rebar

20M Recycled Rebar (complete with steel base plate) - extends 12" into the wooden post and is cast into the form 36" deep. The steel base plate has a thickness of 1/8”. Rebar and base plate are made from recycled steel and are compliant with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental design (LEED) regulations of sustainability.

C. Pre-Cast Concrete Foundation

The ridged bell shape at the bottom is engineered to resist frost heave. Recycled additive to the concrete aggregate mixture makes our product lighter while maintaining a compressive strength of 35 Mpa or 5000 psi.

Wood fencing has, and always will be a staple in the building industry. Bold has changed the game - our innovative wood fence post system uniquely assembled with a pre-cast concrete fence post foundation is designed to increase the durability and reduce the maintenance of the fence. The Bold Post eliminates post rot and on site concrete mixing, while simultaneously resisting frost heave.

Enjoy cost friendly, faster and easier build cycles with an attached pre-cast concrete base and feel safe knowing that our fencing products are resistant to just about anything mother nature can throw at them.

* Bold Posts is patented in both Canada and the US.

Fence Posts

  • 4x4, 4x6 and 6x6 wood fence posts
  • 6' - 8' tall posts
  • Multiple lumber species and treatments available

Baseplate & Rebar

  • 20M Rebar pre-drilled 12" into lumber
  • Rebar extends 32" - 36" into concrete
  • 1/4" steel baseplate welded to rebar
  • Lag screw connection through baseplate into wooden post on both sides


  • Pre-cast 35MPa (5000psi) lightweight concrete foundation
  • 20% recycled material

Bold Posts can be purchased through any of our approved dealers.

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